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A few examples of dashboards showing a variety of layouts and themes built from a flexible UI kit.
You can see more designs here, or here.

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New Case Study

I just posted a case study for my design of the My AcuRite Weather App:

About Vince

Vince is a designer, developer, and usability expert. He has over fifteen years of experience building and improving online applications and websites for companies of all sizes, including Florida Blue Cross Blue Shield, AcuRite, The New York Times Company, The Nielsen Company, Lucent Technologies, and more.

Vince is extremely creative, with a keen ability to understand business priorities and how digital marketing tools can be implemented to drive success. He has a proven ability to transform client concepts into measurable campaigns and applications by formulating a clear, concise message.

Vince has lead various development and design teams to launch a variety of high profile marketing projects, including the sponsorship with ESPN’s Summer X-Games. Other clients include Academic Financial Solutions, where his website and applications helped grow the company’s online revenue by over 500% in 3 years. There is a long list of Companies that he has worked with including Lucent Technologies, AOL, White Rain, eAngler, Berkley, the state of Florida, The New York Times Company, The Nielsen Company and more.

Vince is also a founding member of; a world community for web developers; promotes the mutual free exchange of ideas, skills and experiences, and a former board member for the New Tampa Community Council; a non-profit group that raises funds to support local civic groups.

Vince Heilman
Usability, Design, and Experience Professional.

I work with projects of all sizes. Everything from content and media creation, websites, e-commerce, mobile apps, or marketing campaigns from concept to completion.

Specialties: Design. Improving the process through experience and analytics. User Experience, Customer Experience, Customer Journey, Email Marketing, Content Creation, Brand Management, Social Media, SEO/SEM/PPC, Analytics, and more.

Vince Heilman
8240 Stockton Way
Tampa, FL 33647

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Resume: Vince Heilman UX/UI